My therapists and attorneys tell me that the first step on the road to contentment is honesty. So alright I admit it: I like Damn Yankees. Mostly, I like DYank frontman Jack Blades, pop songwriting assassin/total nancy. They're all major lamewads, not least of all Tommy Shaw (S'Dicks) and Ted Nugent (draft dodger, racist, selective amnesiac, moron).  And though Damn Yankees was marketed as a hard rock supergroup, they're about as heavy as Toto, but with measurably better hair. 

But don't front, Metal people: "High Enough" is beautiful garbage and "Coming of Age," the real culprit of my latent Damn Yankeesism, loops in my head for entire weeks every year thanks to daily mentions of Japan's young, nubile 20-year old girls and their January rite-of-passage ceremonies. And I'll be goddamned if DY don't absolutely rip live, here on non-single/radio favorite "Come Again" (at 1:29 above, nice fucking shorts, Shaw). Sorry about that Toto remark. Nuge looks high.

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