Anyone who's seen any of the several Hysteria making-of docs knows that Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott is a mega-douchestain. I particularly enjoy his convenient omissions regarding producer Mutt Lange's writing contributions to the kajillion-selling record. So months ago when Elliott tried to drum up lame drama with some cheap potshots at Poison drummer/non-rapist Rikki Rockett, it struck me as a bizarre move. Y'know, seeing as Def Lep and Poison both inhabit that depressing botox/bald spot touring realm.

But that doesn't mean the bonehead won't back-pedal like a mofo now that the two bands were packaged by someone at LiveNation for a sad, flabby summer tour. But you're saying if not Elliot's no-talent ass, who's to blame for the war of words? Foreigners. Obviously. Elliott tells AP
The supposed fight that we had with Poison wasn't a fight at all. It was taken out of context by a foreign journalist. I've spoken with [Poison vocalist] Bret Michaels, and he totally gets that it was taken totally out of context, and we don't have a problem with any of these guys, never have been.
Uhh really dude? Also, the above clip is hilarious for Elliott claiming L.A. glam bands were missing the point because they weren't weird and overtly faggy like '70s UK ponces. Yeah there's a real connection there. 

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hahahah fucking idiot