We at HooM! rarely stoop to report on unsubstantiated rumor. Unless, that is, it's roughly equivalent to the most wildly implausible scenario ever cooked up between lattes and then reported on Blabbermouth. Like Faith No More recruiting me as their new guitarist or Sharon Osbourne not having a penis. Or in this case, the Van Halens agreeing to tour with Rose N' Roses and/or Axl Rose agreeing to tour with anybody. From Blabbermouth's This Could Happen Desk:
According to Hits Daily Double, the companion web site of music industry tip sheet HITS, Guns 'N Roses is rumored to be planning a co-headlining tour with Van Halen.
Uhh. That's it? Yeah well rumored by whom? Ok here: HooM! writer Anso is rumored to be trapped inside Charlize Theron's vagina. Run with it, Blabbermouth.

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malcolm said...

welcome back anso. watch out for EVH, his teeth might be failing but his fingers are strong