How about that pathetic new Queensryche single, which arrived on a wave of really counter-productive desperation publicity. While often my finger hovered near the play button, days passed before I was high enough to sally forth and listen to ugh "If I Were King" (nice subjunctive) from the forthcoming American Soldier shudder.

First of all, easy drama is for afterschool specials, dog. Second of all, I call exploitation on you. In these complicated times, I'm certain no one looks in Queensryche's direction for commentary, but that doesn't stop them from basically intellectualizing Godsturbed's "USA! USA!" chants and crass photo ops. Most importantly, the shit is just lame. Yeah, I saw Generation Kill too. And Mindcrime 2 was fucking great. Too bad.


Snoopz said...

it's dope, sounds like King's X! not sure about the dialogue at the beggining, too much and to high in the mix

Snoopz said...

ug more dialogue, I'm listening to it as I type - not to be heartless but damn

holly said...

your right. that dialogue is a big problem. if queensryche made movies, they'd flash the word IMPORTANT onscreen before big moments.