I'm pretty hurt at the lack of trust exhibited by Aerosmith, who is neglecting to mention the studio at which they start recording their forthcoming 800th LP, the first real record since 2001's busy-but-never-precocious Just Push Play. It's not like they won't be too busy tracking to notice me lurking behind that potted plant with a false mustache anyway so spill it. Droopy guitarist Brad Whitford states to somebody, somewhere:
So far it's going great. Everybody is pretty excited about the amount of new music and the quality of it. We're looking forward to getting our basic tracks started in about ten days or so. I'm really quite impressed with some of the new music we're putting together — we'll have a true-to-the-spirit-of Aerosmith record on our hands. Hopefully you won't have to wait to long. We're working hard to get it done and we're anxious to hear people's reaction to it.
So Aerosmith, you excited to return to Little Mountain Sound, where Pump was recorded? But then again, you old guys probably wanna just stretch out in Joe's studio, The Boneyard. Am I right? Hmm? Oh wait no it's Brendan's joint in Atlanta. Uhhh you're not going to keep The Record Plant all to yourselves, are ya? Is this a fake hang-up? 


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