I'm pretty sure that every reasonable Metal person enjoyed a hearty chortle at the new Static-X album's cover art (above). Come on, this is some delusional bullshit, we all thought; the Chicago quartet is dumb-looking, silly-sounding, and beset with unfortunate links to habitual child rapists. So precisely where does this fictitious legion of Static-X fans congregate for Wayne Static to go all Morpheus on them? Did he just rip the top off a barrel of meth or something?

Well, Static-X anticipated our skepticism and has responded by selling 19,000 copies of Cult of Static, which lands in the Top 20 in its first week. Huh. Really makes you think. Of suicide.


The Metal Reporter said...

I know what you mean bro...(contemplates swallowing a knife)

Anonymous said...

Wrong. Meth users wouldn't even listen to this crapola.

Anonymous said...

That's the funniest commentary I've read all day.