Look I'm not trying to come at you with some rah-rah bullshit but seriously, it's a great time to be Metal. Sure, pure sales chew chodes, and yet it seems like future classic records are coming out with mere weeks between. (Or on the same buttfucking day in at least one case.) Records that we'll be talking about fondly in 10, 20, 30 years. You will anyway; I imagine someone will have angrily sewn my ass to my face by then.

That bands and their records are of such a high level of quality and creativity makes it gleefully effortless to assemble kickass tour packages. It's true, I fucking HATE going to shows with more than three bands on the bill; all those set breaks, gear changes, check one check one one hey hey hey check chee-yeck ... I start to miss Sofa. That said, hats off to Summer Slaughter, just the latest in this cavalcade of unmissable Metal tours. Of course, it's not a 2009 Metal tour until Arsis signs on then promptly withdraws. Necrophagist CRAZY Origin SEXY Darkest Hour COOL.

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