It was a huge fucking deal back in 2000 when singer Bruce Dickinson rejoined his former band, Iron Maiden. Days after the announcement, Dickinson was in town to promote the big news with the local morning zoo crew. My intrepid Sony rep tried to get me five minutes with the Spruce Bruce, but alas, didn't happen. Months later, I bumped into Sony dude at the Maiden/Halford/Queensryche show, where he unexpectedly dragged me backstage to chat with the Maiden dudes. I had to lower my voice to heap praise on Bruce for his incredible Skunkworks album, and his response was muted, but I can tell he was flattered and wanted to be BFFs from that moment forward. 

Weeks earlier, I'd badgered Maiden guitarist Dave Murray about the reunited Maiden's first single, "The Wicker Man," which somehow lost half of its chorus on its way to lead position on the album Brave New World. Murray had given an evasive answer, and now, backstage, I was too busy trying not to seem uncomfortably baked in front of my heroes, so fuck if I know. I can't even conceive why the band would even name a song after a mind-mangling acid trip of a movie about an isolated Scottish island whose inhabitants worship the sun, fuck in public all over town, and generally freak out visiting policeman Edward Woodward (The Equalizer). Will he find the missing girl and escape the island? That's the burning question. Mwah hahaha. 

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