Fwwwaahhhhh it's good to be back among polite society. If you've been paying attention, HooM! has been on HiatuS! since last week. As a kid, it majorly pissed me off when Cheers ran clip shows for three weeks so Carla could shit out a hairy, Dio-looking baby. But hey don't get pissed; who could anticipate that my preparations for the World Baseball Classic, for which I'm among the representatives of the Italian team, would disrupt my after-hours enterprise of swearing about Metal. Sorry. They begged me. 

Anyway, yeah you're surprised that Italy has a team at the WBC, but shit who hits shit with bats more often than Italians? Right men for the job, if you ask me. Unlike the crew on Sammy Hagar's awful new tune "Loud," with which the Red Rocker aims for the whole summertime love in the good ol' days Kid Rock doodly-doodle-I-won't-demean-myself-and-look-up-the-title-of-that-song thing. But the truly odious element of all this is the presence of overqualified help like Cult guitarist Billy Duffy (nobody's buying the hair, dude) and Cult/Guns/Velvet Retarder drummer Matt Sorum. 

Ha just kidding. Those guys aren't overqualified. Maybe the hot sauce guy. 

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