Man if there's one lesson you learn again and again it's that you really can't do anything in Colombia. Like for example have an enormous Metal concert by the world's most popular Metal band in a lawless, entertainment-starved/cocaine-packed city. I mean really. From Latin American International Tribune
This weekend, Colombian police arrested a total of 111 people [who allegedly] participated in street disturbances and tried to enter a concert given by British heavy metal band Iron Maiden without tickets, local authorities told the press on Sunday.

The report said that about 25,000 people attended the Saturday evening concert in Simon Bolivar Park, “however, the embarrassing acts perpetrated by a group of malcontents who wanted to enter without tickets” ruined the social scene in the area around the venue.
Colombian police? That's kinda vague. I've been in a few riots in my time and have yet to be collared by the American police but hey. We all know what this really is about: jealous gay-ass cops. The one night of the year where there's something to do other than escort drug piles around and they drew perimeter duty at arena de futbol. That's just great. Sounds like Marquez just landed an idea for his next novel. Only he'll give it some fruity title like Stormtroopers Of Loneliness or Tear Gas At Maiden Dusk.

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