It's hard to remember, but Motley Crue once was just an amusing, occasionally over-achieving bimbo rock quartet. That was two decades ago. Since then it's been a lot of dishonest spotlight-chasing and Nikki Sixx's big stupid mouth. I'm hard on them because non-Metal people -- y'know, lame-wads -- think that Motley is some dangerous, wild shit. Yeah, their biggest hit was my doorway to feeling on the girls' swim team star's ass at junior high dances. Thanks Michelle.

Where was I going with this ... Oh yeah one indisputably positive thing about those retards is that behind the kit Tommy Lee was a god. I remember the video premiere of "Wildside," a Tommy showcase, and being struck at how that particular tune illustrates the band's wasted potential. All of their best moments were dark and violent yet for every "Wildside" there were a dozen turds like um everything else on Girls Girls Girls. This ratio improved markedly but still unsatisfactorily on 1988's Dr. Feelgood, featuring "Slice Of Your Pie" (above), another thundergod moment for Tommy. Turn it up.

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