It was a sudden and severe leap from above-average metalcore band to riveting and melodic space-rock could-be's for Cave In. Only a few years earlier, Steven Brodsky and crew were virtually unknowns but by 2003, both the loose, unhurried Jupiter and the hyper-taut big-budget Antenna vaulted to classic status for everybody I know. Factor in a cluster of great shows -- semi-annually in that three-year stretch -- plus the Tides of Tomorrow and Epicenter EPs (the latter features the superior, non-mangled version of Antenna's "Lost In The Air"), and one could conclude that there now was a whole lotta Cave In where only recently there was none. I told Brodsky as much one night, after he materialized on foot before me just as I was abandoning hope of actually locating the venue to later be rocked by his then-rising band. And that was before Antenna was getting in-store play at Target.

So when the quartet announced a hiatus, marked by the quietly released and sadly uneven Perfect Pitch Black, it's not like we couldn't all have used a break. So Cave In and my ears spent some time apart, meeting new people and getting to know ourselves, until the band were ready to make the true follow-up to their big budget debut, a record that would match Jupiter's ambition to Antenna's ruthless efficiency. I never even heard what trauma blasted the band off the rails but as of last week, they're back!
After 3 1/2 long years, Cave In has decided to end its hiatus. Please join us for an EP release show at Great Scott’s (Allston, MA) on Sunday, July 19th @ 9PM. The “Planets Of Old” limited 12″ from Hydra Head Records will be available that night.

We hope to see your lovely selves.

Steve, Adam, J.R., Caleb

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Don said...

Man, I've been telling people for 4 years now... there was no trauma. Is it so hard to accept that musicians just want some time apart to work on their own stuff for awhile?

By the way, I'm not sure what constitute Until Your Heart Stops as "mediocre metalcore" but I think you ought to take a look back at that record