Ugh it's pretty tough to call into question the integrity of Faith No More. They did everything right, from songcraft to recording/production to artwork/videos and attitude in general. However, I will beef with great god another fucking greatest-hits collection (above). And yes, I realize this bastard is a UK release and that it makes sense to promo it on Blabbermouth which is popular outside of America, a fact coincidentally that disproves the mythical US monopoly on stupidity trust me. Anyway, The Very Best Definitive Ultimate Greatest Hits Collection comes close to getting the shit right, thanks to bonus disc of a pretty inclusive catalog of B-sides. Sure, it omits the pleasurable but inessential "I Wanna Fuck Myself" (GG Allin) and "Spanish Eyes" (standard) from the "Ricochet" single I think. But they make up for it with "Sweet Emotion", which, according to ancient legend, is an early draft of "The Perfect Crime" (which appeared on second FNM comp This Is It The Best Of Faith No More [Rhino]). Fuck I consider myself a full FNM homo since jump street (thanks dad) and I've never even been on the same continent as shouty B-side "The Big Kahuna" (below).  So bring on another best-of.  

The real news of course is the inevitable and painstakingly gradual lathering up of stateside fans. FNM bassist Billy Gould on Twitter:
U.S. shows are not out of the question.
Someone tell professor chatty pants here to shut up already. Oh wait what I mean is the band's been back together for like ten minutes and already Gould's treating worshipful parasite fans like me like a nagging wife. Cmon Billy Gould if that is your real name my FNM ticket/fees/merch/'concessions' money isn't just going to dance into your pocket. When's the last time we cuddled or you told me I was beautiful? 

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