I'm probably not alone in the practice of keeping a teeny list hidden under socks of what I consider perfect songs. Not my favorite songs -- some of those are fantastically imperfect. But these perfect tunes have symmetry, balance. I was all spacing out today at work thinking about how each has at least one killer melody, and are with an exception blaring or cacophonous. Most include vibrant, hummable instrumentation. Add any to alcohol and you'll be treated to an ugly display of unsanctioned and renegade karaoke. Several come from under-respected bands; or maybe the term is misrespected, y'know, for the wrong reasons or in insufficient measure. And so goes Gwar and the rollicking opener to 1993's This Toilet Earth, the devilishly topical "Saddam A Go-Go." I worship this song. It shoots from a cannon and after two choruses starts to stagger and lurch to false stops. It's Fishbone heavy, with super horns and a A+ turn from the rhythm section. There's gotta be a Team America mash-up. 

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Grant D. said...

GWAR wrote a perfect song. That's like Megan Fox curing cancer. Above and beyond.