Testament's tour promo where fans in each city vote on the setlist  is well-intentioned and kinda cool in theory but simply put, It sucks ass to know the fucking setlist before the show, that's HooM! policy once and for all. Buuuuuuuut if pressed, my vote is on option three. "True Believer" stomps, "Raging Waters" is a underappreciated gem, and 2008's "The Persecuted Won't Forget" makes a ripping opener. Toss "Disciples" and "Demonic" for "Blessed In Contempt" and "One Man's Fate" (below) for near-perfection. And holy shit those first two albums are classic but not classicer than the four classicly classic classics that followed. Anyway:
There are three setlists fans can vote on:
The Legacy + "Best Of"

The New Order + "Best Of"

* Set C:

01. The Persecuted Won't Forget
02. Practice What You Preach
03. Into the Pit
04. Dog Faced Gods
05. Raging Waters
06. More Than Meets The Eye
07. Demonic
08. True Believer
09. The Legacy
10. Over the Wall
11. The New Order
12. Souls of Black
13. First Strike Is Deadly
14. Disciples of the Watch
15. D.N.R.
16. Three Days in Darkness
17. The Formation of Damnation
Each city's setlist will be open for voting.
I'd beg everybody to keep from me the results of this vote, but it's too late to matter; as soon as they start playing, it'll be obvious which saetlist won in my city as will be the rest of the show. Just play every song, Testament. My old boss used to say everybody hesitates to deal with Testament cuz their manager only has two acts and the other is Ike Turner (who isn't that active professionally these days being dead and all) but I've been promoting around the office my idea of Testament residency in L.A. (Thursdays for three months somewhere cheap) and surprisingly I haven't been laughed out of the building. Suck it, fuckpeck!

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