Read into this what you will but when I first heard of Dayton Ohio's The Devil Wears Prada, the image that formed in my mind was of a band of gay fags singing about handbags and shit. My beloved ex-hair cutter, a sultry and flaming gay, even mentioned them, asking if they were any good. Wait first he asked me if I could get him tickets to the show, but by that time I had found out they were gay in the bad sense (metalcore) and not aimed at fabulous hair salon owners as their fruity name implies. I don't remember where this was going but TDWP's new whatever is landing in the top 20 in its debut week. The guy from Brainiac must be turning over in his grave. I'd like to apologize for that last crack. Not the band Last Crack. Those guys ripped (above).

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Sergeant D said...

i've seen this band a few times, they're awful (and i love metalcore). for some reason dayton is a hotbed for christian screamo/metalcore bands. i don't get it, aside from the fact that dayton is generally a fucking dump.