First, thanks to all emailers and both commenters with Anniversary wishes for HooM! Conventional wisdom has it that the first year is pivotal in business. Good thing this isn't a business. Anyway, I thought I'd celebrate HooM!'s first year of calling people names with some impulse internet shopping. But it was perplexing to find that Iron Maiden's Seventh Son of a Seventh Son shirt is available solely through IronMaiden.com, with all the accompanying currency conversion and shipping issues, while the other 1200 Maiden shirt designs are widely available. 

I was whammyed a second time with Metallica's ...And Justice For All tee, which features not a tasteful reproduction of the album art, but rather a portion of it enlarged on a black background. Which both reminded me why I don't already have one (it's hideous) and had me questioning my sanity (I had seen the cover art version somewhere yet it doesn't exist on the interslice). Then it dawned: McLovin from Superbad (above) rocked one in his first scene. So my next question is where the fuck does McLovin shop? 

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