OK you know what I don't get about Rock of Love and Charm Sluts Bus and now Daisy Of Love is holy shit those ahem rockers and groupies or whatever are pretty sentimental. All anyone talks about is feelings and honesty. Two nights ago Riki Rachtman (groan) chastised a roomful of grown men drenched in cosmetics and accessories about hurting Daisy's feelings. I believe his exact words were I do not like seeing Daisy's feelings hurt! Yeah? Or what?? Oh and this act of hurting Daisy's feelings is defined with an oddly fascist catch-all: not being here for her. Offenses to date on DoL include drunk-dialing your ex and drunkenly hugging a ton of shiny dudes. 

Maybe my opinion is lame but I thought the rules were that if you had lotsa tattoos and you're in a band that you were supposed to be cool. Not all worshipfully earnest and tragically fawning, respectively, you know who I'm talking about. Even 12 Pack is kinda freaking me out, all vaguely threatening that Brooklyn guy. Kind of a chickenshit move, dude. Incidentally I'm never in Hollywood really but if I ever have to talk my way out of a neck punch by a few of these guys I've branded pussgay here, I'll explain that y'know, there's no such thing as bad press. And that the fondest form of tribute is the roast. Yeah that's it. 

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Anonymous said...

Between the aforementioned worthless gonads and the tough guys on Ultimate Fighter, I have never seen so many adult males cry on TV. Sniffling, tearful, weeping, fucking sissies. I guess they're just "passionate".