So April 7's Revolver Golden Gods Awards show premiered on MTV2 Saturday night. It's pretty much unethical to review something twice, but I get an exemption since this event exists in two forms, the live event vs. the broadcast. Semantics rule. And the broadcast was 300% retardeder than its source material. Watching it sucked me right back to all those queasy moments, like when Suicide Silence thanked me so fucking much (p.s. team headbanging is gay). Or when the WWE guy asked if everybody was ready to rock. Wrong idiom, dude. 

The MTV2 broadcast leaned heavily on the live performances, an unfortunate move since they all sucked ass. Whenever they bleeped somebody, the sound went all cuckoo. So it was sucky footage of sucky performances. That's a dick thing to say but hey the evidence is there. Up there. 

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