So Obituary started making records again a few years ago and that should've been a good thing. Except that apparently the creative forces in the band put next to zero effort into being Obituary, resulting in a pair of shitty outings. Then, against all common sense, Obituary's Donald and John Tardy named their new project The Tardy Brothers, which sounds like a fucking alternate title for Dumb And Dumber. Hilariouser still, the Tards are a dickshake away from sharing their name with Nancy Drew's goon squad, with which she terrorized defenseless smugglers and kidnappers. Fucking man-hating slag. Ok that's not acceptable conduct here on HooM! so while I put myself in time out, take a gander at Deciblog's shart-inducing preview (above) for this year's most anticipated death metal adventure novel for young adults. 

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