I admit I'm not exactly in touch with the listening public or anything yet I still find it suspicious that Steel Panther fails to be a hot topic of discussion. That shit is hilarious. Sure, there are pretty regular items about some chode or another joining the band for a good-humored version of either "Don't Stop Believin'" or "Paradise City," depending if you're talking Kenny Loggins-drunk or fat ass Kelly Clarkson-drunk. From one of those on Blabbermouth comes Stephen Pearcy of Ratt joining the band for "Round And Round" and sweet fancy moses the place is kinda going nuts. Haus suck it up we're going. Feel The Steel out in a month.

***UPDATE: Feel The Steel not out in a month in U.S.

***UPDATE UPDATE: Feel The Steel out October 6. Sorry it says here Rocktober 6.

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