You have a point if you find that this barely qualifies as newsworthy. On the other hand, you are a major pussy. Whoa burrrrrn! Testament's Eric Peterson talks about the next Testament record to England's MetalheadzFM:
2008's The Formation Of Damnation is setting up for the next record and all the work were doing right now is setting up for a bigger idea. [As of now,] there are about four songs. We even have a slow song but we thought they weren't ready yet. I mean, I prefer playing stuff like "DNR" and "The Formation Of Damnation" and there's other guys in the band who like to play the more rock melodic style. The next [record] is gonna be a bit heavier, I think.
Y'know, when I first heard Testament masterpiece #3, The Gathering (1999), it seemed pretty damn solid for a band past their prime. After a few more spins, it qualified as great considering all the line-up changes and y'know, the death of real Metal. Then it hit me that the shit is fucking perfection, thanks in no small part to drummer Dave Lombardo and some career performances from Peterson and singer Chuck Billy. Heavy as fuck, catchy as hell. The only problem with The Gathering, I now realize, is the absence of guitarist Alex Skolnick. Well shut my mouth; it's 2009 and Skolnick + heavier than TFoD = The Gathering II! And did I mention that Faith No More is gonna tour?! BONER TIME 2009.

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