If there's one lesson to take away from VH1's I Love Money, it's Karma Is A Bitch. To wit: Last week, my dear sweet rollergirls Brandi C. and Mmmmegan found themselves in the crosshairs of Pumkin (above left) and Toastee, those treacherous toads. And I'm here to say that Brandi C.'s retaliation was pure masterstroke: Between jags of adorable blubbering, a plan was hatched to cut losses and fix the rat finks for good. So, at elimination, Brandi cut short the proceedings with a heart-rending resignation, saving Megan from certain doom. By this time, P + T's dirty dealings had been exposed; Toastee was thrust into Brandi C.'s vacated spot and then eliminated. This week, that revolting slag Pumkin followed. And Megan remains. 

Sure, we miss Brandi C. But her defeat is overshadowed by the brilliant kamikaze maneuver that saved Megan and then some. We can never repay her but as a token of our appreciation, we throw the HooM! Horns all off up in Brandi's scene. It may not be much, but it's something; likewise, if your life is a bucket of shit at the moment, Metal has placed atop it a pretty flower (via Blabbermouth commenter defsteve) in form of a radtastic full show bootleg of Deftones' surprise show Thursday at Spaceland in Silver Lake. This band is very, very hungry and ArtistDirect reviewer Rick Florino struggles to contain himself. Download here and rock in tribute to Brandi C.!

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