Take it from me: In the music industry, most people won't condescend to even speak with anyone of lesser value; If you can't provide money, drugs, or power, don't bother even parting your lips, loser. Looking at you, Joe McIntyre of New Kids On The Block, who can't fathom how Meat Loaf has more pressing matters than entertaining him on set. The little pimple told OK!
During a break I tried to talk to [Meat Loaf] about one of his songs that my cousin and his wife performed at their wedding. He just went, 'Who cares!'
Of course he did. Your cousin's wedding? That is boring as whale shit. That's pretty delusional, but then again you could be idiot Roman Keating of similarly dickless pop group Boyzone. Keating tells Angry Ape:
Thom Yorke from Radiohead was pretty rude. We were at the same hotel in Dublin and I went over to say hello as I'm a big Radiohead fan and he just blanked me. I still love the music -- he's just an idiot."
Bwaa-hahahaha HA! Can you picture this? Yorke's thinking: Oh look, there's that 'No Matter What' twat. Shit, he's seen me. Fuck this guy. He actually thinks he can talk to me, Thom Yorke? See that unnecessary 'h' in my name? That stands for 'haughty'.

'Hey man. I'm Roman. I'm a huge fan.'
" ... "
'How do you like the hotel? Cool sauna, huh?'
" ... "
'Tour's going pretty well, I see. You guys killed last night.'
" [blink] "
'Right. Cheers.'
" [sniff] "

Other notable snubs this week:
  • Cave-In bassist/least valuable member Caleb Scofield disses his ex-bandmates' new projects, which we agree with, and demands that Cave-In (above) resume recording and performing, which we also agree with. If we agree, then why are we arguing?
  • Don't believe the hype on Nachtmystium -- the members of this band are neither assholes nor nazis. But that doesn't mean Opeth won't kick them the fuck off their tour
  • There are few things as fun as playing alongside Jim Malone in Arsis. And yet bassist Noah Martin has left the band to return to college. Pfft. Doubt it. I think we all know the real story.

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malcolm said...

Now I see a reason for Radiohead!

Yorkey should have tazered him