This awesome drummer I knew in high school used to thrill/nauseate me with his furious love of Motley Crue. Man he loved Crue. But this cat was cool 'cause he didn't let those dumbshits off the hook for bad behavior. And we're not talking drugs n' strippers bad behavior -- more like "Shout At The Devil '97" bad behavior. The only thing he loved more than Crue was Skid Row singer Sebastian Bach. He'd quip, "I'm not gay, but I think I'd blow Baz if given the chance." My reply was usually "Did you not see that infamous t-shirt? Dunno if he's into that." Weird.

On that note, if my dream of hugging an actual bear never comes true, I'd settle for a bear-hug from God of All Drummers Neil Peart, who turns 56 today. Happy birthday, Professor. 

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