Reunions aren't all bad. Sure, it's odious of bands to reform hastily and embark on rudderless tours in the name of legacy making or whatever. Especially since tours of America are so unprofitable so as to be an afterthought, a concession to legitimacy. Example: It's been years since Atheist began touring again, and I haven't even been in the same area code with one of the prog-metal greats' shows. Who can blame them. Europe deserves Metal more.

Speaking of Florida prog-metal, Cynic is back in action after a brief and misfortune-laden career represented with one album, the jazz-metal masterpiece, Focus. (Sure, half of Cynic, with Steve DiGiorgio of Sadus, backed Chuck Schuldiner on Death's Human, the first of Schuldiner's tech-death metal masterpieces.) Those familiar with Cynic's story know of hurricanes, inherited debt, and injury standing between the band and even the modest renown earned by the aforementioned Atheist and Death. Judging from the album's trailer (above), that's all gonna change with long-awaited second album Traced In Air out October 27. Get some.

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