A Deadly Pit At Early Hate Eternal Show, Klandathu 1997 

I'm not some toughguy so there's no apology necessary for my loving this song or even this one nor even this abomination. Each is a nice counterpoint to my Type O Negative problem*. And hey not all music has the ability to be as intense as, say, Hate Eternal's Fury And Flames, a 2008 Metal Album of the Year favorite that suggests that HE frontman Erik Rutan and crew belong to the race of mega-bugs in Starship Troopers. I hear your bowtie spinning but it's quite plausible is it not? Just visualize one of those shiny, black killing machines whaling on a quadruple kick drum set behind three bugs pummeling guitars. Each axe is in standard tuning too, but I'd estimate that with approximately six arms, they could comfortably manage 40 - 55 frets. The pictures you see of the 'guys' in the band indicate that since the movie was filmed, the bugs have mastered the ability to assume human form. I might be way off, but let's imagine that the Brain Bug captured in act III somehow got loose or took control of Doogie Howser's noggin, leading to a temporary suspension of all outlying interplanetary aggression while BB regrows his harvesting uh appendage. Next, we surmise that the members of Hate Eternal, being Metal people -- er bugs, being Metal bugs and thus of advanced intellect, objected to the regime's skull-lancing/brain-slurping policies and defected to Earth. They walk around like dudes and shit, but in the studio, they go BUG! Look on Hate Eternal and despair!

*Help me. I listened to "September Sun" like 20 times this weekend.

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