Plane travel is awesome but fellow passengers enrage me by lunking around casually when they should be either clenched in their seats or doped beyond recognition. Planes are like escalators in that they demand your fear and respect; treat the airplane gods with disdain and court disaster. Likewise, yesterday my entire work day was devoted to this daydream where I travel back through time to join Aerosmith before Toys In The Attic. That's so Uncle Rico. Turns out I was derelict in my duties and should've been focussing all my concentration on holding the Metal world together. Or at least the terrific and newly-singerless Scar Symmetry. From a band statement via Blabbermouth:
This should come as a total surprise to most of you, though you might have wondered why no gigs/tours have been announced since the release of Holographic Universe. The truth is, we have been offered several tours and one-off shows that everyone in the band wanted to do except for Christian [Älvestam, vocals]. In a situation like that, you get a lot of frustration and it was in everyone's best interest to go separate ways.
Phew. Those are not the words of a band facing imminent break-up due to the often-fatal singer defection. Which is good; the abovementioned new album deserves the support provided by a good opening slot. (Get on the Soilwork tour, guys. Do it!) 

Speaking of Soilwork, former tourmates Darkest Hour are rumored to be losing a key (if non-songwriting) member of their killer band. From Blabbermouth:
Guitarist Kris Norris is rumored to have left the Washington D.C. metal band Darkest Hour in order to focus on his solo projects.
Ok that's not a lot of information. If Norris has left the band, Darkest Hour won't just be losing a guitarist, they'll be losing a face-melting guitarist from the fourth dimension. Stay tuned to HooM! for updates. 

UPDATE Norris confirms to Blabbermouth today that he is no longer a member of Darkest Hour. 
Yes, it's not a rumor — I have left Darkest Hour. Well, I'm not in the band anymore; see it how you want. Let's do no press statements, let's do no bullshit, let's just leave it what it is: I'm not in the band anymore, that's all. See you if I see you. I'm actively pursing some producing routes and any band that might want a guitarist, feel free. I haven't off music totally, not just yet." [sic]
Major bummer. Norris rips.

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Vince Neilstein said...

I, too, was distraught at the Scar Symmetry news. The guitarist is the backbone and primary writer, but Christian was an AMAZING vocalist.