Like all sane Metal people, I got interested in Washington D.C. metal band Nothingface due to their awesome name. It's simple, really: Take your name from one of history's greatest and most singular metal albums and your band probably isn't all bad. A copy of 1998's An Audio Guide To Everyday Atrocity came across my desk and it immediately whisked me away to Snoozeville. So it was with zero excitement that I listened to third outing Violence, a sonically awesome record* boasting a centerpiece of kick-ass songs (like this one). Sure, the bludgeoning middle of the album is surrounded by missteps and filler but, hey, baby steps, right? Nothingface followed with Skeletons in 2003, and though the quartet was championed by Revolver, the album was DOA. Which is the preferred way of pronouncing TVT, their label home at the time. Half of the band turned up in HellYeah, the most horriblest band to ever feature a relative of Dimebag Darrell Abbott, until bassist Jerry Montano got kicked the fuck out after an unfortunate episode at HY's debut release party. Which is a bad sign. Well, to the excitement of dozens, Nothingface is back. From Blabbermouth.net

The original Nothingface lineup — Matt Holt (vocals), Bill Gaal (bass), Chris Houck (drums) and Tom Maxwell (guitar; also in HellYeah) — regrouped earlier this year and started writing and recording music for a new album. This marked the first time the band's original members had worked together as a unit since Nothingface's Violence record in 2000.

*Thanks to producer Drew Mazurek, who's partially responsible for other triumphs of sound design like Texas Is The Reason's Do You Know Who You Are? and Byzantine's Oblivion Beckons

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