When news first broke that Republican presidential nominee John McCain was using Van Halen sapfest "Right Now" in his bullshit campaign, the Van Halen brothers proved they still kinda have souls by issuing a statement that “permission was not sought or granted nor would it have been given [to use the song].” Whatever your reasons, good on ya, Ed. McCain's an assface. 

Well, not as big an assface as Sammy Hagar, who sings on the track from 1991's about-as-good-as-its-title record, For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge. Hagar totally misses the point to Rolling Stone:
“I got goosebumps from it; my fur went up. I was honored that a potential president of the United States used those words in a positive sense, like, ‘We gotta act now!’ Those words are an old Zen philosophy — it’s totally cool that they’re timeless.”
Look, Sam, I love ya but sooner or later you're gonna have to face the fact that you're a goddamn moron. Some bloodless ghoul uses your art to hustle mush-heads into sanctioning corporatist plunder and you're flattered? Fine. Then I expect a personal appearance to thank me for playing "Black and Blue" at my summer gang rape every year since 1989. I'll expect your RSVP by May 1. 

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Wellington Hartfordshire said...

The gang rape analogy is pure gold.