Everybody loves an election year, and as the rhetoric heats up it helps to remember the words of Kang and Kodos from The Simpsons. Impersonating Clinton and Dole during 1996's presidential campaign, the space aliens stated to Kent Brockman that "it doesn't matter which one of us you vote for; either way your planet is doomed. Doooooomed!" 

So true. But Arizona thrashers Sacred Reich want to help. And those guys always seemed pretty informed on political stuff. From a band statement via Blabbermouth:
We've created and posted new audio about the upcoming presidential election. We feel strongly that this is a pivotal election and that our country is at an important crossroad. 

These spots illuminate the differences between Barack Obama and John McCain in two defining areas of policy, the economy and energy. We feel that the two [issues] are linked. Only through a forward-looking energy plan that adresses renewables will we be able to create a new 'green' economy that will ensure the future for American workers and stem the tide of global warming that threatens or planet. 
Before the internet, bands like Sacred Reich, Metal Church, Metallica, Suicidal Tendencies ... ok pretty much all Thrash Metal bands could rail against oppression in their music; take it or leave it, at least there was Metal going on amid the discourse. Thanks to the internets, the means with which artists can market directly to their fanbase allows them to also raise social awareness bling bling blah. And it's hilariously ironic that internet-jockeys berate Dallas Coyle from God Forbid and every other musician with the stones to risk their precious sales by throwing in with the good guy; to them, it's go evil or spare us the "opinions". NewsFlash: McCain is a turdlet and everything on the internet is an opinion. Oh sorry I mean good morning. Yes I'm wearing this shirt again. 

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