The 2008-09 NBA season came to a end last night and honestly, one of the highlights was the maturation of rookie commentator Jon Barry. He was downright pithy and amusing in the closing weeks, after four months of Reggie Miller-esque numbskull blathering. But unlike Miller, who every Thursday steals precious years from Marv Albert's life with his retarded shit, Barry has improved! A lot, as it turns out! He's basketball commentary's David Coverdale, whose suckass band Whitesnake sucked ass until 1987, when the pouty singer was forced to ratchet up his game to match John fucking Sykes. (Later, to match Steve Vai on Slip Of The Tongue, a bombastic guitarathon matched only by the Sykes-led Blue Murder's eponymous debut that SAME YEAR!) 

Sykes' work on Whitesnake's self-titled 1987 record was so awesome that Coverdale just sang over it at the MTV Video Music Awards (above), forcing his stooges (looking at you Campbell) to dance around like drunken walruses. Oh and Coverdale rubs the microphone on his cock. Yeah he's good. That Tawny Kitaen is one lucky lady.

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