Tonight for dinner, I treated myself to some delicious pasta with spicy cod roe. Really minimal, but a flavor explosion. Just try not to acknowledge that your teeth are smashing thousands of little fish babies. It's a genocide. It's like the hugest abortion. On pasta. Yum!

Another thing I was thinking about while working out to Extreme (above) was that with the 76ers' loss against Boston on Tuesday, the Bulls have slithered into the 6 spot! It said in the paper that those chumpknobs are over .500 at 41-40! Ag! Oh and get this Macy's is having a menswear sale, but sigh I already overspent on bath towels and a blender. In other news, some emo dicklesses and Disturbed-apologists don't like hazy, incoherent writing like my recap of the Revolver thing at MetalSucks.  Who wants a smoothie??

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Conduit said...

It's okay, Metalsucks has the worst commenters out of any metal blog (Lambgoat + blabbermouth excluded)

Honestly though, I see some comments there that make me wonder if it's required in school for retarded 12 year olds to defend horribly awful bands. Anyone who isn't completely fucking stupid enjoyed your post, I figured I'd tell you here so you'd see it and I wouldn't be drowned out by fucking idiots. Keep it going, keep bringing the irreverence, and inject more of your good taste into that questionable website.