Don't be alarmed but Motley Crue plans to play their entire Dr. Feelgood album on the upcoming Crue Fest 2 tour. It's a Motley Crue record, so its dud-riddled and surprisingly pretentious. I mean is it really time for change, Nikki? More like time for you to shut it, dude. Anyway, though a Motley Crue record, three of its songs are outrageously good and it clearly represents their finest hour. Oh by the way have you heard the news? Well, according to unconfirmed reports from the Crue camp, she goes down! She goes down. She goes down down down and down once again. All night long.

Another story we've been following here at HooM! is Vince Neil's brutal attack on melody at a March 13 concert, where the windless blubberpot repeatedly bludgeoned correct pitch and timing before thousands of those willing to part with money and precious time to see that abomination. It's over Motley Crue get the fuck off the stage. Sorry, that's not cool to say that. What I mean is Motley Crue get the motherfuck off the stage, you windbags. Stop swindling people! Sorry again for saying that. Motley Crue really brings out the dick in me. Wait.

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please bag poison in stead. please.