Last time we at HooM! got all horny for a new Colin Richardson project, it was mixing duties on Slipknot's latest collection of shouty, shrill semi-metal, All Hope Is Gone. OK sorry there's actually some decent shit on that record, but anyway Richardson as mixer habitually gives a muscular, full-spectrum sound to even the most misguided projects cough Bullet For My Valentine cough cough. That's why it's bonertastic to hear Richardson's skillz being used to aid the forces of good. Which in this case are actually the forces of evil. Cuz Behemoth -- goddammit you know what the fuck I mean. Behemoth mainman Nergal on Richardson, via Blabbermouth:
I'm stoked about Richardson's involvement in the mix of the record. We've tried to book him for The Apostasy, but he wasn't available then. His name needs no introduction [uhh sic that like a mofo]. I have absolutely no doubts that Colin will deliver and I'm expecting new album to have the sound that's bigger than life!Z
I'm not down with today's hip lingo (as proven by the preceding phrase), but I think that 'Z' is some sort of coded message to underground Satanic youth communities, initiating a worldwide assault on Christian establishment using church-bombings and synchronized assassinations. Or it's a shout-out to that Peter Stormare-looking freak on the Cavaliers. One of those.

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damnright said...

you mean Ilgauskis? he looks more like Michael Rappaport.