I'd been in a bad mood for like 10 years by the time grunge came around, so it felt offensive that bands were suddenly depriving me of gonzo antics and fantastical lyrics about barfing on groupies while having sex with helicopters. Uh you know what I mean: Shit got serious. Feelings, etc. Anyway it's understandable that pop radio whores like Warrant and the newly Vince Neil-less Motley Crue would scramble to kinda shift the emphasis of their outmoded sound. Yep the E word. But this alternative shit was so serious that even Metal bands were all dazed and tentative after the dual concussive blows of The Black Album and Nevermind. Yeah so it took me a minute to see past that to Warrant disavowing themselves fairly well on "The Hole In My Wall" (above) from 1992's Dog Eat Dog. (Remember when that band Dog Eat Dog named their next record Warrant? Good one.) And fuck it, I like "Down Incognito" (omg hilarious video) off Winger's Pull (snicker x10000) album. 

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