Something kinda occurred to me while listening to Testament's Live In Eindhoven re-issue (MetalSucks review here). The album is a snapshot of  an awesome band at a pre-maturity stage and therefore represents a nagging wish of mine to time-travel to when my girlfriend was still a teenager. Y'know when she was like 18 and hadn't yet been consumed by evil. Back before she fell into the habit of getting a new set of friends every couple years and communicating only in a guttural growl, like Testament around the Demonic era. Back when she was young and as-yet unembittered, and rarely fell from sight for years at a time; Testament disappeared after The Gathering but considerately publicized that they were dealing with singer Chuck Billy's cancer. For all I know my gf was shooting dwarf-bangs in Singapore. Fuck. 

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Your girlfriend killed Bea Arthur!