Those following the NBA season have been treated to a tragedy fit for Shakespeare concerning Kevin Garnett of reigning champs the Boston Celtics. Since their victory last June -- well before then, in fact -- Garnett and crew have favored a dickish, bully attitude and shamefully unfun conduct on the court. Sure, you're saying the Tics at their worst don't even approach the embarrassing bratery of Lebron James' Cavaliers, with their in-game celebrations and uninterrupted hot-dogging. Fuck them too.

Anyway, Garnett was struck down with a knee injury and now Boston repeat hopes are nowhere. Therefore one must conclude that Garnett defied the gods, arrogantly turned his back on general sportsmanship and class, and is now banished to the locker room. Ok that metaphor got tangled up but the important thing here is HA HA HA. Know what this whole thing reminds me of? Iron Maiden, obviously, and the daffily operatic "Flight of Icarus" (above).  

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