Goddamn I tell you hhwhat Vinnie Paul is fucking nice as shit. I didn't get a killer black carpet spot at the Revolver Golden Grahams Awards (unlike some big shots with pfft cameras and pssh microphones), but all the same, Vinnie ambled down to have a lively chat like a righteous cat. Dime was murdered, and Vinnie suffered only a slightly better fate, alive and well but chained to the ghost of his bandmate, partner, best friend, and brother. We love you Vinnie. 

That VP was so fit to rap is an astounding feat for someone recently quizzed by a lot of really Red Bulled guys with wack questions (above, e.g.). I suppressed a shudder when he admitted to being a golfer, but he pulled me right back with the hilarious theme hole ideas. (I have a suggestion for the Judass Priest hole.) That shit wasn't ad libbed was it, So either he's serious about this Rock N' Roll Country Club (all rights reserved HooM! 2009) or he's doing material. Either way huuuggggggsssssss.  

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