The whole thing where a past-their-prime band performs one of their classic albums on tour is kinda ugh. For one, some songs are best confined to the album; it's kinda fun that way. My other beef is that my experience is never enhanced by -- nay, usually poisoned by -- prior knowledge of the setlist. But if I had to vote, I'd say do Pump + the outtake ("Deuces Are Wild" above). So far, Joe Perry's pulling for Toys In The Attic. But has he really thought this through? "You See Me Crying"? "Big Ten Inch Record"? Just a suggestion. It's not like I'm gonna take it to court; I'm not from Maui! From Blabbermouth:
According to The Maui News, Aerosmith will perform on Maui and provide free tickets to more than 8,000 ticket buyers to settle a class-action lawsuit over its canceled 2007 concert. An attorney said the new concert date hasn't been determined but will probably be sometime in the fall.

Court papers filed last week against AEROSMITH claimed that the band received almost $400,000 in insurance money for scrapping the September 29, 2007 Maui gig. The papers alleged that AEROSMITH pulled out of the sold-out show in favor of both a larger concert in Chicago and a more lucrative private show at the University of Hawaii.

The suit claimed that the canceled show cost ticketholders anywhere between $500,000 and $3 million in travel costs, ticketing fees and other nonrefundable charges. Lawyers for the fans said that Aerosmith made more money in insurance fees by canceling, getting $394,000 as opposed to the $250,000 the band would have earned for playing the show.
I think Steven Tyler is a god and everything, but even his powers won't be sufficient to save this concert from total awkwardness. The people of greater Maui are in desperate need of Aerosmith, it appears, and will involve the law to get it. Does this mean I get to sue my sophomore year girlfriend, who totally went back on her promise to give it up just as soon as she got back from family vacation? Well look we could bicker and argue about who didn't bang whom and who cancelled what concert but let's just say that the people of Maui are getting their frickin concert already. Or Aerosmith will be arrested, apparently. You're next, Cathy! 

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