I must be out of my mind cuz I was half in guuguu land after getting home from the world's least lively office dinner when the idea came to put on the Heat-Hawks game dvr'd from tonight, yknow the Hawt series. Just in the background whilst I descend into slumberrr. And if you're wondering how long it took for me to get sucked into the game: about 1:03 left in the first. Then came the numerous near-fights and that shitty flagrant foul charged to Wade. World's ugliest game. And here we are. 

Anyway speaking of not lively, jog on over to MetalSucks to feast your eyes on the antiseptic, apologetic language I employ to describe the new Lacuna Coil. I love that shit but it's exactly like writing about a single potato chip: basic. Plus you have to avoid giving too much lip service to Cristina Scabbia's bod (above). Also check the comments that imply there's a direct correlation between the high rating of LC's Shallow Life and the MetalSucks interview granted by the super-dish Scabbia herself a couple weeks ago. Cmonnn am I that easy? Let's just make it official that I don't soft-pedal the review for less than a smooch from Scabbia. In front of my friends. And she'd sign a notarized document describing the event. Tons of pictures. Oh also in the review, I referred to the LC guitarists as vaginas. So yeah. Nighty!

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