Dave Mustaine never fails to make himself sound totally desperate, especially when answering the 20+ year question of whether he's kept pace with his former mates in Metallica, now inducted into the ahem Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in Ohio. If only Lars Ulrich were asked about Megadeth half as frequently Mustaine is asked about Metallica. Mustaine talks to MTV:
This is one of the most exciting stretches of my life. Shit, I was just talking to Ulrich the other day on the phone, and asking me to go to the Metallica Hall Of Fame [induction] — and although we have differing opinions on what person should be inducted for it or not, and it didn't turn out that he felt that I should be inducted, so I passed — but I talked to him. And people are asking about us doing dates with Slayer again.
While I wouldn't argue if Mustaine were to be inducted, it's fairly obvious that it shouldn't be as a member of Metallica. That would reduce Dave's achievements to those of a early contributor to an immature band. Does that make sense? It's Megadeth for which Mustaine is great; not for contributions to the infancy of the would-be greatest Metal band in history.

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Anonymous said...

Remove the songs Dave wrote for Kill 'em All and you have, at best, a forgetful metal album. It was those songs, on Metallica's first album, that excited those who first heard it. If you notice that after Ride the Lightning, which Dave also wrote songs and riffs for, Metallica's guitar playing and elaboration went down hill fast. As "heavy" as Master of Puppets and ...and Justice are, they're pretty weak and repetitive, guitar-wise. After Dave formed Megadeth, his albums only got heavier...until Countdown to Extinction, anyway.

I think both bands sold out in the end. Metallica with the Black album and Megadeth with Countdown; Dave wanting so badly to surpass Metallica that he sold out the same way. Too bad I think both bands now suck.

I was heavy into Metallica for years and years until I started playing the guitar in '96. Once I started playing, I realized A: Megadeth has way more intricate riffs than metallica, and B: Metallica had eerily similar riffs on their first two albums(which Mustaine wrote), and none like them ever since...and, all the music(on top of the lyrics) that Mustaine did, were credited to Metallica.