It kinda bummed me out last week when anti-Metal slag Sharon Osbourne was briefly and reluctantly lauded for defending her family's um non-traditional image as druggies. This is kinda like how idiots proclaimed Osbourne a tough, independent woman after her assault on someone who dared to return her insults. 

Here, Sharon diverts from the fact that she's exploited her family's pathetic (except Ozzy you're the king, buddy) substance problems to further the Osbourne brand. Sharon's slick like that, and being aware that her family is interesting for no other reason, she goes all Senate Floor with some self-righteous non-answer about the disease against which the Osbournes are battling. In public. In exchange for money. To think, until now I couldn't figure out why Patrick Swayze's new show is called Swayze: Dirty Dancing In My Pancreas.

I wonder if Osbourne is smarting about the death of Ozzfest and, more recently, the fact that 16 Fox affiliates aren't picking up Osbournes: Reloaded and an additional 10 stations bury it at late night slots against Baywatch reruns. I'll have to find out on Tuesday, when HooM! reports on location at the big Metal awards event (above) for the awesomes at MetalSucks

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