As Vulgarity Week rages on, let's consider HooM! the Bill Hicks or Lenny Bruce of pointless internet blathering. Ya know, with all the swearing and wild paranoia and hysteria (oh can you feel it?). Other chickenshit internet sellouts mute their vitriol with the pussyish shortening to F of our most holy of curses and by using acronyms like POS (piece of shit) or ATMBSTJEFMPIHP (A twelve-man Brazilian soccer team just emerged from Madonna's pussy I have pictures). 

That really sticks in my self-righteous craw, as these very same sites peddle morally gray images of whatever the hell that is under Britney Spears' skirt. Which is awesome, but what's wrong with a little coarse language compared to large-as-life pics of a nude Amy Winehouse asleep with a crackpipe searing an O into her fupa? 

Well, I guess it's all a rich tapestry of profanity so let's call a truce with this awesome Slayer clip (above) that the whole filth-loving family can enjoy. 

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