I'm pretty sure we all agree about the existence of certain records that are so awesome as to render you incredulous before detractors. I'm pretty sure we don't agree about what those records actually are (Arise super-yes, Chaos A.D. super-no), but somehow I have the vague sense that one of the most agreed-upon classics is Voivod's masterful Nothingface record. It's so quirky and hi-tech, like Star Trek. Or the 'Pigs In Space' sketch on The Muppet Show. Anyway the point is I'm compelled to neck-punch the first luckless dork who admits to even being indifferent to this record. And I'm not even like that. The last time I punched somebody was years ago and trust me that mail lady had it coming. You've been great!


Steven said...

I'm the same way. People who don't dig 'Nothingface' are mentally deficient.

Anso said...

great. join me in my "Neck-Punches for Nothingface" campaign.