Hey if the above image doesn't stir up some action in your junk region, see a balls doctor. It's the cover of Atheist's forthcoming Live At Wacken set (with bonus disc of essential Atheist tracks) and yes it combines elements (wink) of their other covers. This guy Metal Chris is the nicest dude like ever but he insists that Atheist is stealing credit due to Chuck Shuldiner and Death's technical thrash records; sorry no sale. I love Death and those records are killer but from its perch, Unquestionable Presence craps on everything past or present. This coming from a guy who had sex with a Cephalic Carnage CD. And now this coming from Kelly Shaefer, lefty guitarist/pot enthusiast:
It's a very stripped-down, no-overdubs live recording from our appearance at Wacken Open Air in 2006 as part of the reunion dates we did. This was only the fourth show on what would become many. So why record the fourth show? Well, we did not actually ever intend on it, but we found out that Wacken had raw tracks that could be remixed, whereas most recordings we get are from soundboards, and you cannot turn up guitars, vocals etc on those type of recordings. So... we obtained the raw tracks and have mixed eight tunes in Atlanta. The results? A very very live (mistakes and all) and raw set of tracks from the Piece of Time and Unquestionable Presence era of Atheist. It sounds suprisingly warm, and for those who were there in Germany that afternoon to see Atheist on what was probably one of the more 'magical' performances we have ever had as a band, it was really the first time we had played for people who had been around back in the early days of the band, and were now writers, or owned record companies, plus all of the new fans of this strange technical metal genre of music... This will encapsulate that experience for us, you and as well as those who were not there that day... It was a great day!
Huh they should teach a PR class to Metal guys cuz Schaffer should not explain that the error-ridden live record exists as a matter of convenience. But it gets better, as a totally bacackled Schaeffer describes the Wacken audience (which seems older to him), the 'magical' set (which stands among their best to him?) and contextualizes Atheist (too humbly). Hey who left that awesome Atheist song down there? I bet that big gray arrow is a clue!

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