I, for one, made poor use of Faith No More's last years and since then have made a lot of wild promises in exchange for even the crummiest FNM reunion. That's basically what we're getting, but all the same I hope no one actually enforces my thoughtless pledge to give up my weekend purse-snatching route or stop picking fights with homeless people cuz it's official: Faith No More is back together. 

The first clips (e.g. above, the opener ffs) from the European tour kick-off at Brixton Academy surfaced last night and Patton sounds great, which probably means he's into it -- good sign. The setlist is brilliant, though topheavy with post-Martin songs; but it's not the same old set of the standards -- another great sign. (It could use "A Small Victory" and "The Perfect Crime" and fewer covers but). Hopefully, they'll engage the media and maybe even cuddle with each other like friends. Then again, it's never been abundantly clear if they ever got along. Probably because no jackass writer has done a full FNM bio. Wow I already wrote the foreword. Get me on the tourbus! Almost Faith-mous.

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