Steven Tyler appeared at a publishing industry event called Book Nerd Sweater Fest 09 or something (shitty footage here). His attendance was probably the result of a pleading literary agent but that doesn't mean Tyler was going to be civil or even acknowledge these bespectacled dorks. Seriously have you ever dealt with book people? They only read books in order to later hold people hostage with their analyses and opinions. That jerk Chuck Klosterman was there hosting. From The Onion's A.V. Club:
Tyler's disregard for Klosterman and the audience wasn’t even particularly entertaining. The Aerosmith frontman couldn’t say when his memoir was coming out, and after taking pains to recount his daily schedule, couldn’t really say when he had worked on it. Maybe I wouldn’t have believed him if he had described sitting down at the same desk where he didn’t write “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing,” but the performance was unwarranted. Onstage with him was songwriter Mark Hudson; whenever Tyler was lost for words, Hudson swooped in to kiss his ass a little more with insightful comments like “How great is his voice even when he’s not singing?” The first time Tyler perked up was when he realized his jet was about to leave.
Man, Tyler is so modern, like a big corporation outsourcing to Vietnam or some shit. He's on tour, saving his voice, addressing a group of people who openly loathe him, so he hires songwriter Mark Hudson -- whose presence indicates that the fan-mandated forthcoming 'Classic Aerosmith record' is not to be -- as a hype man to baste Tyler in compliments.

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