Like you, I pretty much live at MetalSucks.net in my off-moments at work so like you, I know that upon us today is their deftly teased countdown of the new century's best Metal albums. Not bands, whose ups and downs defy neat ranking. The parameters of this tantalizing Neilstein-Rosenberg production, which tallies votes from industry types, band dudes themselves, and scumbag writer jerks, ensure a lively list and one that represents in some measure the opinions of real Metal people. Unlike some farcical 'award' shows cough Revolver cough. 

I haven't seen the final list but am slightly worried about my rather cold, pragmatic definition of Metal, one that doesn't include marvelous bands like Deftones or Dillinger Escape Plan nor Cave-In. Like those judges used to say about porn in obscenity trials, I struggle to define Metal but I can identify it. So the contribution which I'm flattered to provide to those slavedrivers at MetalSucks is 100% Metal Metal. Now I for one expect a colorful reaction (from myself too), so all you argumentative, uptight commentors post your lists -- 21 albums in order, suckers; don't just say fuckin' Skeletonwitch better be top 10 or off the top of my head. Make a real list cuz I want to know.

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