The Cult singer Ian Astbury is radical but he cranked a two-run homer of bad form this week by indirectly disowning both his band's (and arguably hard rock's) finest album, Sonic Temple. Astbury to Billboard.com on Monday:
[Playing our Love album live] gives some context to what The Cult are [sic], in terms of what we do have a claim to [sic] — building this post-modern world. We're one of the principal architects to that world, in a way. For me, it's kind of like, 'Hey, wait a minute, I don't want my legacy to be Sonic Temple.' It's amazing how many people come up and say, 'Hey dude, where's the cowboy hat and long hair?' I haven't looked like that in like 16 years. [all sic]
Wow he actually converses with himself in that quote. Anyway, I have no idea what Astbury's talking about but I feel it's a dazzling display of ambidextrousness in which he distances himself from one my reasons for being alive while also promoting the tacky upcoming tour that sees the band perform 1985's fancy Love album. The one liked by snooty arty types and traitors to Metal in Madison, Wisconsin. What's that? Why you're completely right! This tour is hipster bullshit! 


Mad@Hipsters said...

Please tell me Madison has not turned into a hipster nest. I lived there until about a year ago, and represented Metal fairly and in a decidedly non-hip fashion. If what you say is true, it's like having your kid beg you to go to a Bright Eyes concert or something. They're hipsterrific, right?

NotBonger said...

That place has been lousy with hipsters forever. Everytime we play there its all beardos with worn out poison shirts. Fadison.